You may also spare yourself some RS gold heartache

You may also spare yourself some RS gold heartache by figuring out where you want to devote your resources early on.In other words Read at your own risk.I?ve gone through the whole list and feel like Shuman did a good job keeping the tips general while also keeping them, you know, helpful. Some Souls Runescape players feel that absolutely any information pertaining to the Runescape game is a spoiler.

So, again, I?ll leave it up to you.And with that, happy hunting. Also, feel free to share some of your own tips in the comments below. Just please remember to keep them general.This Destiny Runescape player Spent  Hours In the Runescape game. Destiny has only been on the market since September, but one hyperdedicated Runescape player has managed to sink more than  hours into the Runescape game.

A Reddit user named comphermc posted a screenshot of his inventory, and, surprisingly,  hours isn't enough time to collect every item that Destiny has to offer. Though, the faction shipsshaders are the only things left on his list.Here are a few highlights, as told by comphermc  I have all the Iron Banner gear for all classes, except for the helmets and the pulse rifle

since they've not been sold. I have gotten all the raid cheap OSRS gold gear from both raids, but for one reason or another, I broke down my titan's VoG gauntlets. I regret that now. I have gotten all exotic weapons and armor, and all but the titan's No Backup Plans are postDLC versions. I just never use No Backup Plans, so haven't bothered to upgrade. I was using my mailbox to hold duplicates of Hard Light and Plan