You also might RS gold scale the wall

You also might RS gold scale the wall with a rope and that leads to a kill or a capture, but you could also spam ropes on the wall, and maybe you’ll kill people who matter less or something. If you scale the wall and that leads to a capture.

Gives you really low level stuff like rune equipment or something, it gives you maxed stats for free instead of letting you feel how powerful you are with your normal stats against other players, which also means you don't get to benchmark your progression in the game through the minigame.

And if you're going to do that, you'd be better off considering making Fist of Guthix. Or perhaps giving my Battle Colosseum idea a chance... though I haven't popularized it on reddit to show support for it yet or anything.

LMS is an inherently flawed gameplay style imo and OSRS Gold doesn't speak to the kind of enjoyment any other minigame provides, because you can't bring your own equipment there that you spent time outside of the minigame in order to obtain.