Yesterday I bought RS gold clothes from the money

Yesterday I bought RS gold clothes from the money dad put in my bank account maybe is bribery. I bought a new belt not made of leather to trigger a bad memory.It felt bad to call the police on someone that bought me clothes atrs old.

Today Dad scheduled a tooth cleaning. With a insurance he had. This brought on neglect memory's apparently dad had delta for a long time. He however decided to let me use itor so years later. Though mom says he got it in my teens n mom said she didn't now how it worked. N dad said he couldn't get mom to take me.

I wanted to say no but I don't know when I will go to the dentist again.I had one tooth cleaning maybe a little more at probably younger then  or  that was it for my whole childhood. Just as everything my parents do none were the wiser my teeth were okay have  cavity's.

Last year a wisdom collapsed. I was  was a OSRS Gold second time.Tooth cleanings are normally free to just say how ridiculous it was as a child.Also we have a free clinic for those that are not insured and do not make enough + school insurance if you cannot pay.