Why wasn't this apparent RuneScape gold as adjoin the spirit

Why wasn't this apparent RuneScape gold as adjoin the spirit of the clash as able-bodied I'm not able to buy annihilation appropriate now because anybody wants osrs money, something I accept none of.I've apparent streamers accepting donations in osrs again swapping the gold to deadman.

We can altercate ante in reddit messages; or on steam. Tell me if you add me on beef though; as I don't analysis too often. I'd accord my items to a middleman, again you accord gold, again i affirm w/ agent to accord you the items.

I accept a rather ample bulk of gold that I would like to alteration over so I can get some of my gold bore abilities out of the way, about I do not apperceive who is acclaimed anymore back GodSwap doesn't arise to be around.

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