Why is it alright to take RS gold one problem

Why is it alright to take RS gold one problem, and then spread the hate for that over some wide swath? It seems to me like if we talk to JaGeX about what we specifically don't like, and then mediate what we do like, we'll be much more successful towards creating a good game.

I play other games, so I know that it happens, and is a wide-spread occurrence. But the promo for filling up the bar a few weeks back I was browsing reddit at that time- people seemed pissed that it was akin to gambling had me a little worried for the direction of the game.

Runescape has so much more than it ever had when I was playing- it looks beautiful, the combat is different but enjoyable once you learn it, there are dozens more quests and interesting areas and ways to skill and kill, no matter how I look at it, it's a fun game.

And I loved this game more than any other. The social OSRS Gold aspect of meeting up with irl friends who lived too far away to play with irl and skilling or killing with them, as well as the ability to make new friends was probably my favorite. I stopped playing not out of dissatisfaction.

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