When I say defence RS gold I mean

When I say defence RS gold I mean abilities that reduce harm taken like Iron Body.On the flip side if participant A was able to dodge the attack but player B did not then player B could take the full 20k damage. Bearing that in mind I presume certain courses built especially as tanks.

Have a portion of the harm regardless of whether they were actually hit with the attack or not. They probably should not just take as much as if they were really hit, that provides incentive to stay as a group and body block the boss.

With this system in place I think that it's only fair that the chaos hard mode of supervisors dish out more damage, to the point where setup with 3 or 4 people is compulsory, not discretionary. It'd make fighting these challenging supervisors more celebration focused.

rather than it merely being 2 or 3 players soloing OSRS Gold the boss at precisely the same moment. I am attempting to get rid of this each player for themselves celebration play and substitute it with actual celebration play.

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