Well it all starts with a RS gold game that released

Well it all starts with a RS gold game that released over a decade ago, Old School RuneScape.So, currently in OSRS there is a Polling system in game I have attached a picture of an example poll below for reference. Throughout the entire OSRS world there are polling booths that players can go and click on.

When you click on the polls you get a list of all changes that the developers recently discussed in their last Q&A about the next patch. Then the players can go to the upcoming patch and specifically vote on each upcoming change.

If the votes are overwhelmingly no then the developers either scratch the idea completely or tweak it and put it up for a re-vote to see if the issues are cleared up. If the votes are overwhelmingly yes, then of course they're good to go.

There are systems in place to prevent cheap RS gold new accounts being created to control polls and etc. In white text at the top of the photo you can see Runescapes requirements for voting, but that's more talk for another day.