We will see the collapse RS gold of Hinduism.

We will see the collapse RS gold of Hinduism. Pray that the gospel would flow through and permeate the Sonar culture like molten silver fills a mold.The idea that people would pray for the collapse of other religious traditions, branded as Satanic, highlights the distinction of doctrine between the two kinds of traditions.

For one side, that holds the views to each their own religion is not seen as a competitive enterprise, far less a war for outright global monopoly. They have not asked for this war. Many are not even aware that they are at war till it comes to their doorstep.

NonAbrahamic traditions are neither tolerant nor intolerant towards other traditions. They are simply indifferent  to each their own, they hold. While for the proselytizing religions, conversion of others is considered an essential component of advancing God’s work.

The other traditions are, at best, preparations for OSRS Gold conversion into the One True Religion and, at worst, downright Satanic. For the evangelicals, conversion is a moral position. It is not seen as an act of aggression on other traditions.