We walked out asked RS gold nmom if he had money

We walked out asked RS gold nmom if he had money to buy it for him. N mom told him no because of olive garden n dad said no because of dentist. Brother remembered he once said no because he had a surgery.

I told n mom the truth that she prioritizes health like its a toy. Health is not first. and if it is its just the same as a toy for her.

Nmom spotted a grave and told us again werid morbid stuff about where she wanted to be buried. This time she said that place but before it would be argument and confusion where she would wonder if she could put a memorial on one place and a grave on the other.

When annoyed I told her I don't wanna hear this again as you do not ever stay in one place and its morbid. She said she would write it down and that I should too soon.

Said no as I plan on living as long as possible and I amyrs cheap RS gold of age I really doubt if I die before her which would either n mom finally succeeds in murdering me, I have allergy attack, or not solving anything I commit suicide.