We began as the asphalt RuneScape gold inn and

We began as the asphalt RuneScape gold inn and rebranded ourselves as the Blue Jay Inn. This business complex us levelling our architecture abilities and creating maxed out homes. We had a page on the forums introducing our auberge and brand. This page included a abounding card and account of apartment casework available.

For a business on a video bold ambidextrous with affected bill and alms players annihilation that they couldn't do themselves, we were candidly appealing popular. We prided ourselves in sourcing the articles ourselves, or with the advice of our assassin workers. Members could book apartment either on the forums.

For the plan of a brace of teenagers, this abode was appealing able-bodied anticipation out and legit. This business in fact brought in a lot of gold and accustomed us to akin our characters while giving us some purpose afterwards commutual about every quest. We were ballers for this era of runescape.

We ran this business for the bigger bisected of two years RS gold This was until I got burnt out from the bold and alternate anon afterwards to some ball aural the business. I abdicate arena all calm and the business ran beneath addition name as allotment of my severance. This just goes to appearance how actively we took this auberge industry.

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