We are certainly going RuneScape gold to

We are certainly going RuneScape gold to do new sound effects, and have plans to keep on improving the existing sounds, not too sure about what music we will use yet though.We are still deciding what songs to rework and what to keep certainly there are lots of cave tunes that will stay.

Absolutely we love to compliment the graphics and storylines in RS and having good quality for our audio has always been wanted, now we are lucky enough to have the technology to make tons of audio improvements.

It would be great to voice the whole game eventually but there is a lot of it. We try and voice as much as possible. When we get the opportunity I'd like to go back and voice some older content. It would be great to voice a lot of the NPC's for more immerse incidental voices.

We have plans to voice older content when we have the OSRS Gold time to look into this. at the moment we are busy reworking existing music and writing new music for RS3.Ideally ALL the orchestral music would be played by live musicians, but that's a bit impractical really.