VirusesRATMalware Any infection to your PC RuneScape gold which

VirusesRATMalware Any infection to your PC RuneScape gold which will record your keystrokes or steal your data. Never download anything that seems suspicious. Never download a bot. Third party clients  Clients which offer players enhanced efficiency or assistance in game.

Whilst these clients are fine to use and legitimate, there are fake versions out there which will infect your PC and steal your account. Always check that the website you download a third party client from is legitimate. I would remend using the official OSRS client for .jed account security.

Other things to know Having good account security is your main way of avoiding being hacked. Have a secure registered email and twofactor authentication on both email and OSRS account. I can remend Gmail. Always have a bank PIN set never tell anyone what it is.

Have a strong password.Not everyone is a bad person OSRS Gold Whilst this post was a long description of the evils people do,  of people in this game are genuine, nice people. If you ever encounter a scammer or hacker report them in game.For anyone who thinks of anything else to include or finds a mistake, let me know and I will addremove it.