To this I have to say OSRS Gold people are

To this, I have to say OSRS Gold people are farming these items heavily anyway. However, in one scenario, the number will only rise, with no real way for them to leave the game. In the other scenario, there IS an exit, which means that the theoretically infinite amount of these items is now slowly draining.What does this have to do with Warding?

If you know anything about the proposed skill, then you already know where I'm going with this, but for those who don't know, Warding proposed their own item sink. Put simply, you'd dissolve an item to its base components (sounds familiar?) and in return you'd receive some materials used for the skill, as well as a chance for the item's basic component for a Steel Platebody, for example, this would be a steel bar.

This reduces the number of these in the game in a similar way to High Alching, without the requisite gold generation.There are a number of solutions to this problem. There's the above solution of an item sink in return for a reward (not necessarily through Warding), there's item durability, with degrade-to-dust, destroying the item upon using all of its durability though this is just painful for the player, and there's also ignoring the issue, and hope it never creeps its head in. Only time can tell.

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