To be considered RuneScape gold botting.

To be considered RuneScape gold botting. The only reason for the ban I have in mind, is that somehow my account was compromised and the account was botted, which I don't believe is true, because I don't download any suspicious files, and don't give my account details to anyone.

as most of you know, OSRS is slated to release globally on all platforms Oct 30. I’ve been playing Old School for about 7 years. The game can be quite intimidating for new players so i thought i’d lay out a useful guide and informative post to help the influx of new players.

Osrs has many many many skills, weapons, armors, quests, enemies, and locations to explore. This game can offer you potentially HUNDREDS of hours of gameplay, with each task, and goal being just ahead of you.

That’s some of the magic behind RS gold Old School. Every task, goal, and accomplishment you set out to achieve is rewarding. There’s almost nothing in the game to do that doesn’t offer some kind of accomplishment or reward.