Tips to Avoid Scams When Buying Runescape Gold

RuneScape is one of the most compelling MMOs we have on the market today. While it’s so much fun to play, players still enjoy shortcuts and quick ways to get to the game better to gold. So, the best way to do that, instead of grinding for hours and spraying to get gold, is to simply buy it.

However, buying RuneScape gold carries some risk and you need to be sure to make a safe purchase. So read on to learn more about how not to be fooled when buying RuneScape gold with these helpful tips.

Never give out your personal information

You should never pass on your personal information and your RuneScape account to the reseller or website you are using. This is a huge red flag and would mean that this vendor or platform is cheating players for their money. When you buy something online, it is done through special software that does not store your data after the transaction is completed.

It may seem harmless for someone to ask for the same information you just wrote on a website, but it’s a huge red flag. So, if a seller requests your email, account information, phone number, credit card number, city, and other personal information, you should not do business with that seller, as this is likely to be a scam.

Find a trusted seller

It is good to do some research and find a reliable platform for selling gold with a good reputation. You can find out through online reviews and game forums. You need to ensure that the site you use for Runescape gold is secure, has good customer service representatives, secure payment methods, verified customer safeguards, and excellent feedback from other players.

Once you find a platform that covers all of this, you can be sure that your needs to buy gold are safely met. You can play the game you love easily and without worrying about your money and the security of your account.

Chat only with live customer representatives 24/7

You just have to concentrate conversations with customer representatives live 24/7 online. You don't need to talk to anyone in the game who tells you what to do. To ensure security and understand how legitimate the order / transaction is, you should get all the necessary information from the gold sales platform customer representatives.

If someone in the game tells you what to do or asks you to confirm your purchase by telling them your order ID, this is a scam and you should not do business with these people.

Check the Trader’s character name

You have to pay close attention to the name of the trader in the game, because some scammers use the same name as legal traders. These scammers would try to lure you with extra bonuses and gold if you trade gold that you will get for “security reasons” and it would sound very convincing.

But you should by no means do that, because legitimate traders who sell gold would never ask for your gold or come across false claims about security issues. Scams would sound very authoritative and convincing and lure people into additional gold deals for your time. This is a big red flag because websites don’t give customers extra gold unless it’s listed on their website.

Turn off your private and public chat

It is important to turn off private and public chats before the gold is delivered to you. To ensure your safety and avoid being cheated by scammers, keep them locked up for at least half an hour after an in-game exchange. You don't need to talk to anyone or tell them you bought gold.

Not only is it designed to prevent you from being scammed, but it also prevents Jagex from banning your account. Remember to leave the trading venue where you got your gold and don’t look back or talk to anyone after the exchange.

There is nothing wrong with buying gold for the game you love. Some players just don’t want repetitive and tedious gold farming techniques that require a lot of time. The effort required may be too much for the players.

So, buying gold is a viable option for many RuneScape players who just want to experience the game to the fullest. Keep in mind that although you have the right to buy gold, you should always do so responsibly and safely.

You don’t want to lose money and get banned at the same time?