This one is just as RS gold important as having

This one is just as RS gold important as having an authenticator on your account, it does exactly as implies - Locks your items in your bank unless you have access to the pin - Never disable your pin upon player request.

Don't be tricked into thinking someone's random kindly conversation is innocent, be suspicious if they ask any unusual questions. Anything from your pet's name, to the year and month of your account's creation can all be used as information to recover one's account.

Runescape is an amazing game with a great community, and you will meet some of your best friends here, but you should never let your guard down. Always be vigilant and aware of what's happening and who you're talking to.

Anyways, I hope this little bit of advice I can give will be a help buy OSRS gold to some new players we have joining our Subreddit and of course the game. Please feel free to add any more advice in the replies, as I'm sure there is a bunch of stuff I missed.Have a great New Year guys, and welcome to Osrs!