This leads to a lot of RS gold overwhelming

This leads to a lot of RS gold overwhelming possibilities once you’re premium. So many skills to level, so many quests and quest items to obtain and areas to explore. It gets VERY overwhelming. I’d advise all new players who don’t know exactly what they want their account to look like.

To stay free to play until they’re satisfied with their progress. A pretty good measure of this would be after the completion of the Dragon Slayer quest.One of the best ways to make money early game is to cut wood logs and sell them on the Grand Exchange.

The Grand Exchange is located in North West Varrock. It lets you take all tradable items and sell them to other players. You’ll get familiar with it very quickly. Woodcutting and Firemaking are some of the easiest skills to level.

But are both of the most useless skills when it comes to OSRS Gold money making, and mechanical use in general.I understand that kinda goes against how i said to make money previously, but you won’t want to continue cutting logs as a money making method once your account is more leveled.