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I won't ever know why someone at Jagex thought it would be a great idea to change the artstyle that is iconic and more realistic into a generic dream artstyle. At the time it must have been difficult to know what the ideal call was.I played 2004 - 2007 off and on, and back then it had been memed on quite a bit as being the uncool cousin of WoW. There was an indirect peer pressure to play wow instead. It was a different time. WoW's graphics also have a classic charm to them, but again then wow had the advantage of being this mindblowing universe that was also current gen with a large huge buzz.

Why can you play the runescape game using the"small playdo men" as my friend at the time called it. I think the gut reaction of Jagex was that their game was not taken as seriously as wow, and they felt a need. Today it's easy to realize that this wasn't the right call, but again then graphics were bursting on year and there was a desire for that, and I am sure they felt the ideal movement was to"evolve or die".

Yea I don't think the response was dry and cut. Runescape filled a niche, but WOW was performing so much better financially and concerning runescape player count. WOW had impact and was built and backed by one of the biggest gaming companies at the time. It was mocked for being a kid's game, a game which you graduate from as a way to play games. And it seemed that way.Nevertheless, runescape continued to be the cousin what it tried runescape 2007 gold I believe we all like to believe we would have retained the runescape game the exact same but I don't think we would have, possibly as runescape players as executives.