They have content RS3 doesn't RuneScape gold have

They have content RS3 doesn't RuneScape gold have, and the term "EASYSCAPE" is starting to become a real thing there as well. It was supposed to be safe from bad updates, but I guess not.The point of seasonal highscores was to allow new people to become the best, but in reality that's not what happens.

Every once in a while there is a different one, but for the most part its these 2. This means the same few people with the best gear and the most time will win every boss competition, and the same few people who buy a ton of keys will win the exp competition.

Any time there is a poll, aside from things that honestly don't matter like the pets, they are set up in a way to make yourself unaccountable. For example, the last time we voted for anything to do with clans, I predicted they would lose.

When I log into Runescape, a land of Gods, Dragons, and gold grateful Goblins, I don't want to see everyone and their mother with a giant flying dragon behind them. Honestly, the ridiculousness of the pets, specifically the large eyesores in the game should simply not exist. Some outfits.