They are not challenging RuneScape gold for long

They are not challenging RuneScape gold for long, after the shoulders and foot elevated single leg version gets easy you need more volume to keep making size and a bit of strength gains. Refer to this article by the world's best glute expert if you can't add weight to the exercise.

All you need is a wall or chair or sofa or bench, if you have endurance in the tabletop bridge position you can use your straight arms to elevate the shoulders. They can be done with the feet on rings but it shifts some work from the glutes to the hamstrings so it's not so great.

The former is strong with straight knees and the latter with bent knees. To train these do calf raises with one or two legs, preferably on a stair you you can get full range of motion with a slow eccentric and a pause at the bottom.

Or you'll just use the elastic energy of the Achilles tendon runescape gold amulet Straight legs calf jumps are also good. If you have short muscle bellies you probably won't grow much, while if you have good calf genetics you'll grow well even with low loads if you do high volume. Also just doing sports, running, jump roping etc. can grow the calves.

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