There was Odyssey and RuneScape gold there was Warriors.

There was Odyssey and RuneScape gold there was Warriors. But what marks this month as special, is how I look at the Metroidvania spectrum.This is something I need to clarify this before hand, since we're having Axiom Verge and The Mummy Demastered.

While also completely missing form Metroid. Mind you, that a game is not a "Metroidvania", it doesn't mean it can't be an Action Platformer. Or a platformer RPG. There is even a difference from Action Platformer RPG's and Metroidvanias.

Dotted around are also range reach, damage, bullet size, and health ugprade pieces. Just like heart containers in Zelda games, after you find a few of them, it will reaise the particular characteristic for all weapons.

I must say that at the game launched with a bug at the gold farming final boss, where the game crashed. I have not gone back to the game once I reached this point since I felt a sense of closure.I might be painting the game under a very dull light. But that is only partially so.