Their insight is in keeping with roguelike gameplay

Rogue's is designed so that Scrolls of Identify cannot be relied upon, for players almost never find all the scrolls they want. Plus, since no random items are guaranteed,Buy RS Gold the player never knows if he'll find another item of a type. A few items are extremely good, but easy to waste. The best of them all (Scroll of Scare Monster) shows unusual care in its design; using the item in fact wastes it, but it is the only scroll that can be identified without even picking it

up.3. Item masquerade rule Items should be difficult to identify even for spoiled players, due to similarities between items of the same type.It is best if this rule is not perfectly adhered to; giving observant players some benefit for

their insight is in keeping with roguelike gameplay.Example: Yes, another Nethack example. Both Potions of See Invisible and Potions of Fruit Juice generally have the same messages upon use. Example: In most games, the effects of most

rings are vague and can only be deduced through close observation, if even then.Example: Nethack and Shiren both take steps to obscure item identification through shop pricing by offering many items for the same price. Example: ADOM

clearly marks the weights of items on the inventory screen, in stones. A few random items and artifacts have distinctive weights, which an observant (or heavily spoiled) player can note and use to pick those things out. 4. Situational ID

advantage rule When unknown, item effects in a category should overlap in such a way that use in some situations would be good to discover, while others simultaneously would be bad.If no potions provide combat disadvantages, then it's in

the player's best interest to test them out while fighting. If none do direct damage but some heal,RS Gold Buy then the player should only test ID when below maximum hit points.

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