The same applies to PVP buy OSRS gold worlds

The same applies to PVP buy OSRS gold worlds, do not mistake them for a regular world. In these worlds you should assume that you may die instantly at any time, anywhere in the game. Do not go in the Wilderness or on a PVP world unless you are engaging in activities they were made for Player killingSlayer.

Luring  These scammers will attempt to lure a player to either a PVP area or where there are dangerous monsters. Lurers may also attempt to teleport you to dangerous places, always deny a teleport to a place you don't know. Lurers will also attempt to trade or drop scam you. Never follow people with a large amount of wealth on you.

Social engineering  A very prevalent method of hacking these days is by social engineering. Your personal information is used to secure your account and ensure it stays in your possession. If another person has your information they may use it to hack your account.

Never answer personal questions in game or anywhere online RS gold for that matter.Phishing links  Websites set up to look like the official OSRS website. Victims will enter their account information into these fake websites which will be sent to a database accessible by a hacker. Only enter your information into the official OSRS website. Never click on shady website links, main distribution methods are by email, Twitch or YouTube.