The primary acumen for humans to play RS

After I started a new job area I plan 8-5 Monday through Friday (and yes, it is fuckin' awesome), I just in actuality gave up on dailies.

The alone affair I try to do every day is my claimed alien isle, RuneScape Gold and that's alone two agriculture patches (because it exists and it is afkable).

Dailies in Runescape acclimated to be annoying. Now they're just idiotic.

In my opinion, Jagex needs to do something with dailies, so that players can conceivably do at atomic 75% of dailies aural one hour. I mean, I apperceive it'll never happen, but man.

This is a abhorrent system. I don't know...It seems like dailies aren't declared to be the primary agreeable for players to play in Runescape.

Yet, Jagex treats them as if dailies are declared to be the primary acumen for humans to play Runescape, and all added agreeable in the bold is just bonus.

Dailies should be op for money, not exp, and there needs to be beneath of them.

Sandstone and feathers/broads are absolute dailies, area as time based dailies like accumulation or warbands are ridiculous. This is just my opinion, but if dailies were like big chin, no one would do them.

My dailies at best are vis wax and circadian challenge. Afresh it's casual alien isle or obelisk.

With some abstemiousness you can calmly avoid a lot of dailies RS has to offer, it's not banishment them aloft you.

Came aback to the bold and in actuality enjoyed it for a while, admitting at some point got addict and absitively to achieve a "pause" but still do dailies.

Doing dailies was a in actuality bad decision. Was declared to "heal" while arena added things or accomplishing irl accepting but not accomplishing dailies acquainted like a huge decay of xp accustomed appropriately end up accepting chores/burden instead of adequate the game.

Now i can't even anticipate of ablution RS afterwards activity a bit of abhorrence and i don't accept i'll aback to the bold in the abreast future.

I apperceive dailies are a acceptable affair and can advice leveling or giving some added boosts but accepting too abounding will become a problem.

People may end up arena 1-2 circadian hours afore in actuality do what they capital to do that day or for some RuneScape Gold, it'll beforehand to burnout and adequate beneath the bold even admitting some dailies accord in actuality acceptable xp/boosts.