The one I see most RS gold monly is one that will

The one I see most RS gold monly is one that will result in the second player warning you about their Duel Arena Lure and that they have knowledge on how to reverse this lure. typically this will involve a low level challenging you to a duel with both of you offering high stakes as a reward for the winner.

Naturally you might think it would be easy to defeat a level  in the duel arena, but it's under their terms and circumstances, they will present some sort of bow and arrow type that will not work together, and that these are the only weapons and ammo types you can use in the duel.

They will have a functioning bow, you will not, and you will lose the duel and your staked items. Don't fall for it. Your best bet is to report abuse on both players for scamming  ignore both of these people keep your friends list set to Friends only

A lot of scammerslurers will catch players attention by showing cheap RS gold them large amounts of gold or rare items to make them seem like they have legitimate reasons for wanting to fairly deal with you, which again, they never do.