The modern version of the OSRS Gold popular

The modern version of the OSRS Gold popular has less players and is therefore the unpopular choice. Many people abandoned this game in favor of an older version of the game from 00. The community was divided primarily when an update to the old combat system was released.

Causing massive upheaval in the community First of all, the Old School RuneScape community in general is cancerous. Because of the unbalanced combat system, luring is commonplace, which in this game is a scam involving tricking players to enter PvP zones where they have a risk of losing all of the items they are carrying.

Luring still happens occasionally in RuneScape , but trade scams are rarer and still happen in both games, but more commonly in the old version. Not only this, but when the company in charge of the games attempted to hold a Pride event ingame.

There were homophobic ingame riots and incessant spamming of goldselling websites buy OSRS gold slurs and other nonsensical shit. The community is also filled with elitists who will go to posts about RuneScape  simply to insult its players or say some retarded shit about the game.