The microtransactions predatory OSRS Gold and the

The microtransactions predatory OSRS Gold and the quality of content was abysmal. The luster of ironman was beginning to wane and I found myself busier IRL than ever in my final year of college. Ultimately, Runescape was the first thing I cut out of my life and

I'm sad to say it was an incredibly easy choice.I Peeked In Again, And Everything Was On Fire:So...what happened guys? 0's just starting and things honestly look worse than ever. The Treasure Hunter

Promotions are front and center and read like parodies from  years ago. The bank rework's been cancelled after ? or so years of being teased, promoted, and promised. Jagex is shoving their attempts to get you

To sign up for Premier Club more aggressively than ever, and they're RS gold still dropping spontaneous content that nobody asked for in 0 like giving PKersall three of them new and improved ways to grief in the Wildy