The lighter folk style buy RS gold is more

The lighter folk style buy RS gold is more relevant to wandering about. Yes quest music is generally longer or have more tracks to fill the quests accordingly. Check out the Ozan quests, we wrote loads for those. Some areas will be more ambient yes.

As far as melodies are concerned, we'd like to reuse melodies across multiple songs to add to the continuity. The orchestra is the Slovak National Symphony Orchestra in Bratislava. I've worked with them before, as I have orchestras in London. We took our own team there including recording engineer and conductor.

I guess voice acting and singing was mainly my decision. Voices add so much to the narrative and I like singing in games too. I'd love to hear more songs of lore sung in pubs and by rest musicians. Music can be written all ways, there is no formula and my team all have their own way of writing which can vary from piece to piece.

We're all big gamers and love game soundtracks. We are creating OSRS Gold music for areas. We all play instruments. I am a classically trained pianist but I play a lot of guitar, ukulele and mandolin. I've worked on games for 20 or so years. I've worked on all types of games on all platforms. I love working on Runescape though.