The leader named PvM Dave RuneScape gold at the

The leader named PvM Dave RuneScape gold at the time made fun of me for having autism, and wasn't willing to understand. I was frustrated and decided to join another clan and was kicked and again, banned from their clan chat when I joined to apologize.

I've had many other instances of people making fun of me for having Autism, even in some high level skilling clans such as Omnia, Hexis, and Solace. I believe the community is highly uneducated about mental disorders, and probably doesn't even know what exactly Autism is.

I'd love if we could have an Autism Awareness day in OSRS, and maybe even some JMOD could educate people on what exactly it is, because I believe I am not the only one on this game that has been treated poorly for having it.

Let's make a change people.I was browsing through the app OSRS Gold store and stumbled across the game 'Old School RuneScape' and I decided to download it because it looked kinda unique and had good ratings.I made an account and logged on.