The graphics and general polish of the series is beyond amazing RS gold

The graphics and general polish of the series is beyond amazing RS gold It might actually be the most immersive game on Android. The game has a very creepy atmosphere and even some scenes that made me jump because I didn’t expect something to move.Sadly, each one of these games can be pleted in about  hours, which is understandable and honestly pretty fair. I’d take quality over quantity any day. If you enjoy intricate and very interesting puzzles, absolutely buy this game.Delight Games Full Library  FreeDelight Games’ full library is a collection of every single text based adventure they’ve made over the years. According to them, that means over one million words That’s a lot of content written and given to you for free.

Featuring  different titles, Delight Games’ stories are a delight to read pun intended. Even if you don’t really enjoy reading like me, their adventures are interesting and making decisions actually matters, while making wrong decisions will actually lead to your death and force you to be more careful with your actions.

Whether it’s some sort of scifi edy, or a dark gritty mystery, or a medieval fantasy, you’ll find all sorts of adventures to get lost in with this great collection.Two Eyes  Nonogram  FreeAfter about  years of searching, I've finally decided that Two Eyes is the best Picross AKA Nonogram game out on Android. If you don't know what Picross is, it's my favorite form of simple puzzles think Sudoku, minesweeper and I really do think this game should be on the list The graphics are gorgeous, the controls are perfect, the  different campaigns is interesting, and the puzzles are actually quite good If you like picross, or even if you've never heard of it, give it a shot It might be your favorite puzzle type as wellEDGE Extended  PaidEDGE Extended is a remake of the popular classic mobile game, EDGE, which was created almost a decade ago EDGE is a game in which you control a sort of cube that you roll over to the end of the level.

Seems simple, right? Levels get progressively harder and you learn more techniques as you go old school rs gold The game is surprisingly fun and interesting, traversing through the isometric levels is a real joy and surprisingly has more depth than you’d think. If you enjoy arcade games, definitely try this one.Monument Valley  PaidMonument Valley is a really breathtaking mindbending puzzle game that's going to challenge your perception by messing with perspectives, somewhat similar to a game called Fez.