The game in a way that the developers never intended

The decisions he writes about can be applied to almost any videogame.A Destructoid writer going by the name of AwesomeExMachina (awesome name, I know) writes about his challenging experience of playing through Grand Theft Auto IV as a nice Nico Bellic. He describes the unique challenges he faced Buy RS Gold by playing through the game in a way that the developers never intended.Nick LaLone on Before Game Design writes about the choices developers make leading up to the creation

of female videogame characters. In his piece, he deconstructs NieR's Kaine -- a female character possessed by a male demon and describes the character as both intersexed and transgendered.Jamie Madigan at the Psychology of Games blog

attempts to answer the question as to why gamers wax nostalgic over old games -- through science! He writes: The link between negative moods and nostalgia also came up when the researchers looked at what triggers bouts of the emotion.

They found that feeling down in the dumps or displeasure over current circumstances is likely to prompt people to reminisce about some uplifting experience in the past.Finally, Mitch Krpata skewers videogame writing in his piece on

Insult Swordfighting by asking readers to match each of the year's ten most popular games with Cheap RuneScape Gold a quotation from its review...