The First Time I Quit:So cheap OSRS gold first time I

The First Time I Quit:So cheap OSRS gold first time I quit was about a year after free trade was removed, around the time of the Corporal Beast being introduced. Many of my friends quit

And without the community that kept me going, Runescape steadily became less and less fun. I logged in about once a month to bankstand and talk with a few straggler friends still playing, but EoC convinced all but one of my remaining friends to quit

And I stopped even logging in at that point. I didn't mind the concept of EoC inherently but it's implementation left a lot to bedesired and it

killed a lot of things I'd known and enjoyed in combat like OSRS Gold damage negation prayers, proselyte armor, hybrid armor setups, etc. I'd already been logging in infrequently with the removal of

free trade and with the