The FB page links to RuneScape gold

The FB page links to RuneScape gold a phishing website advised to abduct jagex accounts and I accept apparent endless accounts get baseborn circadian because of this.

I am abiding this is accident on added worlds as able-bodied but appear on, it seems like annihilation is getting done to

stop it but rather just advice humans AFTER it happens.

I anticipate Jagex should attending into means to anticipate these things from happening, like abatement keywords that if said will automatically lock the annual for analysis or something of the sorts.

Iaccept absolute PayPal with over in agenda transactions, added in absolute activity items.Buying keys at this amount to save money, searching to buy in bundles of but acutely can buy lower amounts if you don't see me as trustworthy.

Past few canicule I saw this earlier guy alive alleged rsgold or something. Is it an absolute banderole at that age or one of those appearance botted streamers.Thanks if you can acknowledgment this.

I just watched sparc macs betrayal stream, and I was buy RuneScape gold ok with it up until the sub alone allotment of the giveaway. This is area my association said I was acrid for not getting able to get the prizes, maybe they're right.I accept 3 minecraft accounts from aback in the day if this bold acclimated to be fun but now imdeveloped up haha and never use them. Pm me offers if intrested.

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