The even better thing is OSRS Gold the boost

The even better thing is OSRS Gold the boost you get towards the second elite once you finish the first. Unlocking one elite gives you access towards more events that give Legend Badges, not coins like the rest but badges, which makes it much easier to obtain your second .

Lastly, grinding coins for badges didnt seem too hard for me, the 500 for 150 exchange is the choice I wouls definitely endorse and the one you should be looking into if you wish to make the most out of the promo.

The only thing that seemed a bit too grind heavy are the OVR elites, but I find that understandable as there should be a deterrent towards getting high OVR players this early.All in all, I find the Legends Promo by far the best of the bunch currently.

The Google Form remains the same url each week cheap OSRS gold so bookmark it if you like for ease of tipping.Until the finals, if we get that far, you can't select the same team twice. So once you've chosen the Warriors to win, you can't choose them again for the rest of the home and away season.