The bushy stache RS gold collectibles are the

The bushy stache RS gold collectibles are the expensive ones and these are where you can really save some coin. I paid for my bushy; an average of each. I was foolish and bought these first on Thursday morning when the supply was relatively low.

You want to buy these at peak pack opening times. Last night these were popping up dirt cheap because a lot of people don't check and list them cheap like the other collectibles. You can be patient and quick on the draw and snipe these for cheap.

Have a look at that beautiful card and stare in awe of the legendary Synergy Stache God.Needless to say this is incredible value for an ov94 right handed card with god like synergies Ofcourse I could have done it much cheaper if I was more patient and waited for AH snipes on the bushy stache collectibles.

So I can either buy a cheap case now and buy the OSRS Gold updated version when it comes out or buy something as good or better than that case. I know they just announced the white version of mesh that yesterday. I really hate white. Below is my finalized build...minus a case of course.