The best OSRS ranged weapon for the best DPS effect

Ranged combat is one of the three methods of combat in OSRS, the others are magic and hand-to-hand combat.

And coverage is the only one out of three that stands out. Since many players consider it to be the most used style in high-level PvM, and since many bosses and raids are controlled by players who use it, the DPS is just much bigger.

The range skill also covers a whole range of effective weapons, making it even more popular. But which are the most effective? Let's take a look at some of the options you should have in your ranged arsenal!

Dorgeshuun Crossbow

The Dorgeshuun crossbow is first on our list and it is a really great early game crossbow. This item has a nice attack bonus of +42 and it's very easy to start early - it's only locked behind the Lost Tribe early game quest.

It's worth noting that it only uses bone bolts which are quite cheap, plus it's a faster game than any other crossbow. It may not seem like much, but it does considerable damage every second over time.

Overall, it's a popular choice with Ironmans and early adopters looking to gain some long range experience at a low cost.

How to get: After completing The Lost Tribe, Nardok will sell you this crossbow.

Magic Shortbow

Level 50 is required. The Magic Shortbow is the best ranged weapon in the game and has the ability to fire amethyst arrows, making it a very valuable weapon. This short bow also has a special attack called a "snapshot" that fires two arrows at once and costs 55% of the special bar.

However, if you allow the short bow to stretch, it will only cost you half a special belt. Then you can use it back to back to get more damage. And because this short bow is so easy to get hold of, it's popular with horsepower.

You have to get it from a magic log and pull a bowstring to get it. This requires Fletching at level 80.

Black Chinchompas

Black Chins is one of the most effective AOE (Area of ??Effect) weapons in the game. When thrown you deal damage to an area of ??33 square meters, as well as everything within that area. Damage is limited to 12 hours in PvM. The limit is ten in PvP.

Due to the way this ranged weapon works, it is often used to stack large groups of enemies and attack them all at once for an incredibly high experience. The Monkey Madness I and II tunnels are popular places to practice what is known as the chin.

It's worth noting that if you die, your chins will be beyond repair as they are technically "alive" and they will run away. Keep that in mind when you go out and play with him. You must be level 65 to use this unique black chin.

How to get it: Level 73 hunters can catch them in the Wilderness hunting area.

Twisted Bow

We finally reached the top of our ranking. The Twisted Bow is undoubtedly the best ranged weapon in the OSRS and also the most wanted bow.

It has a +70 range attack boost and a +20 range boost, but that's not why it's so popular. Twisted Bows have a passive feature that allows you to attack harder depending on your opponent's magic level.

You can climb up to the higher levels along the way. This means that you can easily and almost always reach 80 on some enemies. The amount of damage you can do here is staggering.

Outside of Xeric's Chambers, Twisted Bow's maximum hit is 83, while inside it is 104. The numbers are incredibly high, especially when you consider that these are normal attacks, not special attacks.

Because there are so many opponents with high magic levels in OSRS, Twisted Bow is often used for Giant Mole, Raids, KBD, Hydra, Fight Caves, and many more.

How to get it: On the mega-rare Chambers of Xeric game table.

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