The Best Methods to Make Low Money with RuneScape

Being new to RuneScape is not easy. After being a MMORPG for 20 years, many of its players are of high quality and have access to most of the content available. For this reason, Jagex focuses most of its updates on end game content, leaving out large parts of the early game. This can make it difficult to find good methods for making money with a RuneScape low-level account. After all, much of the content available in a low-level account is outdated and not in demand.

However, this does not mean that it is impossible to make good money in a lower account. You can even earn several million GPs per hour if you follow the right methods. The methods below have some requirements, but all of them are fairly easy to find.

Clue Scrolls

The best method to make money with RuneScape for a low-level account is to complete the Treasure Trails Distraction and Diversion instructions. Clue Scrolls are usually obtained as random monsters and come in five levels: Easy, Medium, Hard, Elite, and Masterwork. The new account cannot follow the main directions, but all other levels are available. Surprisingly, the elite clue scrolls don't need to be completed. Still, it can reward extremely valuable items such as blood dye.

With a full Globetrotter outfit, an optimized preset bank and all the essential mission requirements, Coils of Clues can haul around 20 million GP per hour. However, a low-level player will not have these requirements and will therefore complete clues at a slower pace. Regardless, even without the optimal configuration, around 10 million GPs per hour is achievable.

To speed up this process in the long run, it is recommended that you complete all required tasks and complete every easy and difficult hideout. Hideouts are made with the Construct ability and can store items needed for emotional hints. This way, you don't have to pick up items from your bank every time you receive an emote hint. Hidden holes for easy tip require 27 construction, while hidden holes for hard tip require 55 construction. Medium tips are generally not worthwhile, as they perform slower and are harder to obtain.

Getting good guidance is a matter of practice, but there is a third-party tool that can help. All external clients have been banned from RuneScape, but Jagex itself has approved the Alt-1. Alt-1 is an overlay that can scan directions that appear on your screen and tell you how to do them. Moreover, it helps you solve Puzzle Box steps that can take a long time if you do them manually. It is an indispensable tool for any gamer who wants to enter Treasure Trails.

Elite Dungeon 3 trash mob runs

Elite Dungeon is RuneScape's interpretation of the traditional MMORPG attack. Each dungeon is divided into three trash mob segments, each separated by a boss fight. Top tier players take full runs solo or in a small team to try and get rare boss loot. However, this is not required to make good money.

Instead, players can edit the first third of the dungeon multiple times. This section starts at the entrance and ends when you reach the first boss. Instead of fighting Krassian Leviathan at level 1500, use the Kinship Ring to teleport back to Daemonheim and start over. The kinship ring can be picked up by talking to a Dungeoneering teacher outside of Daemonheim. The easiest way to reach Daemonheim is by ferry on the coast from Taverley.

With a team of three where all players have tier 60 weapons, you can expect a profit of around six million GP per hour. In addition, combat experience can exceed one million per hour. Trying this during Double XP Live will maximize your combat skills in just six hours of gameplay. This makes Elite Dungeon 3 junk currently the fastest method to prepare an account for high-level PvM.

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