The Beacon Ring can be obtained from

The Beacon Ring can be obtained from the ‘What Lies Below’ quest and surprisingly has a lot to offer OSRS Gold The ring possesses both Magic and Defence bonuses and is available to you for free. If you do need to obtain another ring, then you can do so as many times as you like. Traits such as magic defense can be useful to you, especially as you traverse the Wilderness.The Holy Wrench may seem like an ordinary item on the surface, but it can come in very handy, especially if you are looking to get the most out of Prayer Potions. The wrench itself can be obtained during Rum Deal,which is a rather easy quest with low requirements for you to gain access to.

Something that is worth keeping in mind is that the price of Prayer is at an all-time high, so the Holy Wrench can be very useful in this situation. This is because the item offers an additional 2% effect for Prayer Potions. So for example, should you gain 30 prayer points from a single potion, the Holy Wrench will grant you 33 points. If you happen to obtain a Prayer Cape, then you’ll find it has a Holy Wrench built in.

Perhaps more importantly, it grants players easy access to the area of Morytania. This is especially useful for newer players, as the area inhabits useful training areas, quest areas, the Slayer Tower, and much more!This is an item that you will certainly want to consider, as it is most certainly one of the more underrated items on the list. You can obtain the shield from the ‘Roving Elves’ quest and has some fairly interesting stats to show for it.

The shield boasts a Range Defence of +80, which is the highest in the game for this shield slot old school rs gold It also offers plentiful Raw Defence bonuses, as well as reasonable,What’s more, as it degrades, it doesn’t lose any of its stats and can be recharged at a reasonable price. The downside of the item is that it does have a negative Magic and Range attack, but it more than balances out with great defense.