That Blizzard seems OSRS Gold to actually be taking

That Blizzard seems OSRS Gold to actually be taking steps to fix the issues in the game at the moment. Although, even with that in mind I think there needs to be a stronger form of communication than surveys sent to randomly selected.

Players throughout the community. Though this is great, it also has a potential to be bad too. We'd like to think that all players think a like and have the same opinions about the game but sadly we don't.

There's no way from controlling whether 10,000 players say "Yeah, BfA is the shit Blizz. I love it so much, don't change anything" and 5,000 players actually decide to address issues. Honestly, the irony of this whole survey system is funny.

Because its RNG all over again. Just a a huge lottery cheap OSRS gold wheel at whether it's going to be people with brains or those without filling out these surveys. So, what is the solution to Blizzard's communication issues.