Talk about the Ninja Team

Remember the acceptable old canicule of the Ninja Team? If every anniversary you'd go on the RS website on Monday to analysis the Application Notes and there they were: 2-3 Ninja Fixes that would wow us and accomplish us say "best allotment of the amend was X, Y and Z Ninja Fix".

But now the Ninja Aggregation seems to consistently be put on projects and added projects and reworks and whatnot, while there are still so abounding backlogged fixes apprehension to be implemented. Of the top of my head: added bendability with displace timers (looking at you Miscellania), pets confused to the pet interface (looking at you admirable amethyst awkward cat), key tool-belt, adventure exp. rewards accustomed in lamps, added dye-able weapons and armour, etc.

Please Jagex, accompany aback the acceptable old Ninja Aggregation that we acclimated to know. Updates should be prioritized based on accent and superior to the players, not based on size. If their time can be bigger spent on a above update, they should work on that, and not just put it off consistently because it's too big of a project.

That may not be absolutely the aboriginal purpose of the ninja team, but they still do some baby changes every week. That doesn't allegation to be their alone focus though.

The botheration is that there is a aberration amid what the Ninja Aggregation lead, /u/jagexkelpie, sees as the ambition of the Ninja Team, and what the players see as the ambition of the Ninja team.

Kelpie has declared on abundant occasions that his abstraction of the ninja aggregation is to accommodate updates prioritised by impact. That is to say, the top of his annual is updates that affect the a lot of players if they go out.

And that's fine.

However, I get the activity that that's not why the players originally capital a ninja team. Myself, I consistently capital a ninja aggregation to amend alone locations of the bold that wouldn't contrarily get updated. Baby updates, things that no other aggregation would accept the absolution to do - or even notice. But things that players appointment every day.

These things ability no affect a lot of players. They ability not affect any. But, no one abroad is traveling to do these little blow ups to the bold apple except something like a ninja team. Heck, that's area the name came from!

If Kelpie wants to abide to advance updates from the ninja excess prioritised by impact, that's fine. But I apperceive if I were in charge, I'd be searching to see how abounding updates I could get done a week.

IIRC if the coffer rework started a baby allotment of the ninja aggregation was assigned the assignment alongside a few agents associates from added teams above the company, RS Gold but appropriate now it looks like the absolute ninja aggregation is animate on the coffer rework due to (what looks like) Jagex as a accomplished accepting abbreviate staffed lately.

Maybe if they're done with the coffer rework they'll assuredly be able to fix these inconsistencies.