Strategies to profit from RuneScape

RuneScape, also called RuneScape 3, is a Multiplayer Fantasy RPG developed and published by Jagex, first released in January 2001. the foundation of gameplay in modern MMO games. In addition to laying the foundations, he has collected many remarkable achievements and world records in his time. Created by Jagex, the game has retained millions of active players thanks to epic events and a huge world that is constantly updated to bring the experience to life.

RuneScape 3 is also a must have company for a developer and company. So this game, this MMORPG does not only focus on player satisfaction but also makes money for Jagex. How did Jagex do it? Here's a quick brief explanation of some of the remarkable strategies that Jagex has used to make more money.

Chapter 1: Sequeal of Fortune

RuneSpace works on the basis of a subscription model where you pay a monthly fee to enjoy the game. This business model was brought into the game in 2002 and from 2012 the monthly fee grew slowly until 2012 when Jagex decided to introduce a new complementary monetization model called Sequel of Fortune.

Fortune Sequence was a limited-time event where players had to spin the wheel and the player won several valuable prizes in the form of a noticeable amount of gold. Players also received a certain number of free spins every day, it was also possible to get extra spins by completing specific tasks in the game, or buy spins for real money.

Although a significant number of players were dissatisfied with the system as players who choose to pay will receive additional spins, apparently turning the system into a Pay-to-Win environment in RuneScape. However, Jagex tried to defend this particular system several times, the controversy had a major impact on the game, so Jagex decided to replace Sequeal of Fortune with a similar system with minor changes called Treasure Hunter in 2012.

Chapter 2: The treasure hunter

To replace the Sequeal of Fortune event, Treasure Hunter relied on a system where players were given a number of loot boxes containing extremely rare items. To access these specific cases you will need a special kind of keys that can only be obtained from time to time, although these keys can also be bought with real money if needed.

Treasure Hunter offered all kinds of attractive rewards such as XP lamps, extremely rare items that provide players with a noticeable interest that can also be used to increase the pace of developing a specific skill in the game.

Treasure Hunter still exists in RuneScape even today and let's not forget that there were 50 promotions around the system last year, which just goes to show how important this particular system is to Jagex. Since Treasure Hunter is slightly different from Sequeal of Fortune, he faced similar criticism for being able to buy keys with real money. These complaints were slightly smaller than in the previous case. Jagex knew how to deal with such scenarios, his systems are even used in all types of video games today.

Chapter 3: Rune Pass

Jagex launched an event called RunePass in 2018, inspired by the Battle Pass.

The event lasted two weeks and included a series of missions that had to be completed within that specific time frame in order to receive exclusive rewards. RunePass has two tracks, a free track and a premium track. A bonus that can be bought with RuneCoins, a RuneScape cryptocurrency that can be bought with real money. While the toll-free number RunePass had no significant prices, players soon began to criticize the same. The system was later replaced by Count Yakuli's Yak Track, which apparently solved all RunePass issues and allowed them to win on both sides.

Let's not forget that many parallel markets have emerged over the years around the Runescape items for RuneScape 3, which are usually presented on specialized websites where a player can decide to buy RS3 Gold for real money.

These are just a few of the strategies Jagex has used to make a profit with RuneScape. Let's not forget how difficult and complicated it is to create a model that everyone is happy with at the end of the day, taking all aspects into account. Jagex won on his own by scoring a model in an already very popular video game like this one.