Soon Rajeev Dixit RS gold was found dead in a

Soon Rajeev Dixit RS gold was found dead in a locked bathroom. The hospital said it was cardiac arrest. Ramdev said on television that he had told Rajeev to take care of his health as he had diabetes, BP and heart disease.

But Rajeev’s brother Pradeep says that he had no such health problems. Next, Ramdev convinces the family to conduct funeral in Haridwar as Dixit was son of the soil instead of his native Wardha. But as his body was laid for public demonstration, the Bharat Swabhiman Andolan workers were stunned.

Dixit’s face was unrecognizable, strange purple and blue. His skin was peeling strangely. There was black, blue blood coming from his nose. Soon there was hue and cry. The Andolan workers wanted to conduct post mortem.

Ramdev called a few of them for a personal meeting, confiscated their OSRS Gold phones, checked their pens for cameras and told them that post mortem is against Hindu Dharma. When they refused to budge, Ramdev agreed but soon went back to the hall ahead of the workers and spoke on microphone