Something that they might OSRS Gold not

Something that they might OSRS Gold not be willing to do considering how dirt cheap EOC money is and not to mention the fact that if I were a gold farmer, I'd gold farm 07 money. That stuff is simply worth more.Earlier in the clan chat.

My conspiracy wasn't really a conspiracy, but a potential thing Jagex could do that in my mind, is probably illegal and if it isn't immoral and will ultimately destroy the game. The conspiracy goes as follows.many months ago I put forth a conspiracy of mine that partially came true with the creation of bonds.

A Jagex mod could simply go on or some other gold selling website and with the powers that they have...generator a couple of billion GP in the game. They then could transfer that money to another account and sell the money to a trusted gold farmer.

I find it scummy that Jagex would even sell something runescape gold amulet that costs so much for real life money. If it's cosmetic and does nothing to the game, fine. The spins were already bad enough but now we have this bond bullshit.So basically in order to fix goldfarming.

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