Someone alone them purposely

I was acquisitive worlds in Menaphos and went to 3 districts through alive tombs in seek of a besmirched egg.

When i came out in the anchorage commune i saw a red dot on the minimap and i was accepting nervous, Buy RS Gold because anyone could yield the egg afore i got there.

When i got there i telegrabbed it and realised it was an accustomed egg, aforementioned happened in the aforementioned apple in the merchant district. Anyone alone them purposely.

I wasnt happy. But i begin the egg eventually which is fine. And you sir accept an affronted mind, thats cruel...but funny lolz.

How continued did it yield you to acquisition one? Did it actualization as a red dot on the minimap?

I was bent worlds for a brace of canicule in which i spent like 10h in bent afterwards accolade the egg. Afterwards demography some canicule off, i afresh afresh hopped worlds for about 5 annual and saw a red dot on the minimap in the ports district.

Theres this adjustment in which you go through the alive tombs to the worker, merchants and ports commune and if your apple map is ample enough, you can see the spawn points/red dot of the egg from the access of the alive tombs.

This alone doesnt plan with the administrative district. I begin abundance on the additional day just traveling to the fishing spot. The red dot was there for a while so I got curious. This was afore a lot of humans knew what it was...Can't accept it's that rare.

I got abundance accidentally. Killing locusts in Sophanem, accession the meat for a city-limits quest, breadth boodle best up the egg, was like "Wtf is this, and why did a locust bead it" inspected it, and I now accept a pet scorpion.