So what OSRS Gold I’ve done is a sort

So what OSRS Gold I’ve done is a sort of basic attempt to figure out what the inflation deflation is. It’s a bit crude because I don’t have that much free time or any programming skills to retrieve data automatically.

I came up with a list of about 150 common items used in Old School Runescape, this is our basket of goods. You won’t find any SGSs, AGs, Primordials or Bandos in here as I wanted it to be your average player.

And because I later found with guthans and abby dagger, the high prices distort the total price changes relative to other items.I then went through the osrs ge website retrieving the price about 6 months ago on the and the price on the.

I chose these dates because they are both Fridays, and RS gold we know prices fluctuate during the week because of stuff like more players on in the weekends.All armour.weapons and some other stuff I left as a single item.