So transaction OSRS Gold is completed

So transaction OSRS Gold is completed no problems I chat in w and rare trade for a bit and then sleep for next day. So I get back home the next day, I load up RS, try to log in, and I see that my account has been PERMANENTLY BANNED for an RWT Major offense.

Mind you it's also unappealable Really I've swapped for people for years. Nothing changed at all, everything I did for this swap is how it's been done since i first started. So I'm left wondering what actually happened to me.

I talk with friends and even another mercher who apparently also got perm banned for swapping so this isn't an isolated incident. After some research, I've noticed that a lot of old school players such as gold farmers.

Staking xers, and other shady people have been banned buy OSRS gold However, not only are these people getting banned, but so are legitimate people who have come in direct contact with these people through means of trading or whatever form of business it may be.