She would kick you and click here kill you

She would kick you and click here kill you in one hit. If you stayed in there longer than about 15 minutes, this gut wrenching screech would start and you would have to turn your speakers off, because it would keep playing even after you turned all audio off in the game.

Nobody was any help until we brought it to 4chan, and after being called fags for playing runescape, one guy commented that he knew what it was. He alleged this game area contained some kind of disgusting video collection one of the developers or mods had hidden there for some reason.

It was sureal, you literally watched your runescape charactcer whatch the screen as you did. It was fascinating. Then some idiot fucked us and posted a thread about it in the official RS forums. The rock was gone the next time we went there. Either jagex moved it.

It has even been said stuff like this was why RS gold it happened. I would like to add I have a huge amount of respect for Andrew and mod Ash, and all the poeple at Jagex who fought hard to make Runescape a thing. But there were also apparently some others who did more sinister things within our favorite game.

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