Second question is how OSRS Gold much does it cost

Second question is how OSRS Gold much does it cost As I said earlier, I'm kinda broke so I don't want anything expensive. I remember that my friends weren't rich, so I'm taking a wild guess here and say that it must be cheap, that's why I'm interested.

In Perfect World you can buy GOLD with your money and this GOLD goes to your account and you can use it to purchase exclusive content like chests that gives you random loot with chances of receiving awesome loot.

This would make people risk more because they are often getting the items, Also alching should have not been touch, it pretty much stabilizes the economy, nerfing also not only killed the economy, it make it extremely hard to gain gold because of how it killed the economy.

What if i just decide to buy rune scimitars and gold farming go die times zerging randoms not caring if i die. I mean i got a extra 200k to fk around and can easily get it back because im a high level and farming monsters is a joke at higher levels, but lets not get off of topic.

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