Scammers pronounce RS gold they will

Scammers pronounce RS gold they will 'double' your money in either one trade or two. In a one trade scam the scammer will offer you an item with an inflated G.E price, always avoid this. In a two trade scam, the scammer will likely log out after you give them your money.

They may actually double low amounts of money in order to lure their victim into offering larger amounts and once this happens they will log out.Tell you wot mate'  Scammers with large amounts of gold will ask a player to trust them and 'see wot happens'. The scammer will ask for an amount of gold which would essentially seem worthless to them due to their wealth.

However, once a victim releases their money, the scammer will log out. 'Tell you wot mate, give me your fury and see wot happens'.Drop scams  This refers to any scam that involves a player dropping their items. You should never drop your items unless you expect to lose them.

Common scam methods rely on victims being ignorant and thinking buy OSRS gold there is no way they could lose their items.Friends  Some players may befriend others with the sole purpose of scamming or hacking the other. They may ask you to loan them an item