Sand Crabs are a great source of EXP and OSRS gold

Sand Crabs are a great source of EXP and OSRS gold for low-leveled players OSRS Gold They have about 60HP and only have one point in every combat stat. They're at level 15, so be sure you're at the correct level to survive encounters with them.Sometimes, they drop pretty valuable items, so just hold on to those to sell later. Bring along some potions to keep your health up, as that increases what you can get from farming Sand Crabs. They start out disguised as rocks but will attack if players go near them.

There are Sand Crabs in Crabclaw Island, south of the Great Kourend continent. A beach just above that island also houses these critters, if you can't pay the 10,000 coin fee to get to the island. These two spots are well-known, so switching to a less populated world might help you find and keep a place to grind.

First, go to Port Salim. Find Veos on the northeastern platform, and choose to go to Port Piscarilius. From there, just run south toward the beach. You'll know if you're there when you see other players attacking Sand Crabs. Go and claim a spot and start your grind.The teleportation methods are many and varied. Some methods may need a skill to be a certain level, sometimes optional, other times required.

Alternatively, you can use a skills ring to teleport to the Woodcutting Guild in Hosidius runescape 2007 gold Run in an eastern and southern direction to get to the beaches.When you receiveKharedst's Memoirs after completing the Client of Kourend quest, you can use it to teleport to the bank to the west of the Tithe Farm in Hosidius. You'll have to complete the quest ‘The Depths of Despair' first to do this. Make your way south and a little to the east and you're there.